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Sunday May 6, 2012

Today I woke up renewed

Today I woke up without thinking about anything that needed to be done, instead I committed myself to action. Action being a loose term as most of my work revolves around computers, updating this site, working on editing, emailing. I decided that I would not dote on past failures and look at them as experience I can use in the future to better guide myself.

I am always at ends with the prospect that there are no more teachers, no more parents, I am my own guiding force and there is no one to hold my hand. It is entirely up to me to create a future. Today I decided I will work tirelessly towards that future which is so undecided and nebulous. My heart is my compass and the body my vessel and I will use my head to steer them to clearer skies and calm seas.

As I learn to manipulate websites further, I hope to increase my reputation and online presence. This is a world where schizophrenia is not only advised, but glorified. Twitter feeds that accumulated thousands of posts, Facebook armies, all devoted to and in praise of an assumed actuality of who someone is. The picture I post is not accurate of what I look like now, but a clean presentation of what I want people to judge my looks on. To make a proper impression one must reduce themselves to a bare element, exposing nothing of their personality, and allow others to project their flaws and insecurities onto you until they are comfortable enough to accept the true you. This we call, good business.