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Wednesday May 9, 2012

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Tuesday May 8, 2012

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I Couldn’t Sleep Last Night It’s hard for me to consider what constitutes yesterday when I stay up all night. I tried sleeping for an hour and a half and couldn’t fall asleep. I was plagued with visions of being on stage as a comedian. It is interesting because the visions always go in one […]

Sunday May 6, 2012

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Today I woke up renewed Today I woke up without thinking about anything that needed to be done, instead I committed myself to action. Action being a loose term as most of my work revolves around computers, updating this site, working on editing, emailing. I decided that I would not dote on past failures and […]

Current State of Affairs

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I am currently gathering content to upload onto the site. As you can see I have added a current resume of what I have been doing in LA since I’ve been here. A lot of set work that stretches across the departments. I particularly like producing, however Grip and Electric is a valuable workout and […]

Currently Under Construction

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